Wouldn't It Be Nice?

by Kate Sloan



i just typed your address into google maps
and looked at all the bus routes and the flights
i'm not making travel plans, but hey, perhaps
i'll visit you some other lonely night

hey hey hey, wouldn't it be nice?

i just made a document in google drive
and listed what i'd pack if i was leaving
condoms, ukulele, and a book or five
suitcase sizes can be so deceiving

hey hey hey, wouldn't it be nice?

i'm not saying that i miss you so much i could die
i'm saying i'm okay, but what i'm saying is a lie
it's hard to keep my footing when i can't just walk to you
especially when i doubt that you are feeling this way too

hey hey hey, wouldn't it be nice?


released December 6, 2016




Kate Sloan Toronto

20-something from Toronto. Sex journalist by day, ukulele songstress by night. Writes songs about love, sex, fictional characters, and occasionally jellyfish.

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