Only Care

by Kate Sloan



my locker wouldn't open
my hair was such a mess
i was having sort of a shitty day i guess

but the timing was perfect
for you to pass me in the hall
nothing but distractions
and you erase them all

i know you have a lady
and you're deep beneath her spell
i know what love can look like
and we both know you fell

i know your life's a marathon
of pure romantic bliss
but that doesn't stop me
from wanting your kiss

all this happiness in which i'm not included
other boys could want me but i'd only care if you did

i'd only care if it was you
and only if you wanted to
one little move could make me turn so fast

i'd only care if you and me
were absolutely guaranteed
and all these feelings could be free at last

my only care
i sit and stare
it isn't fair


released December 2, 2014
Written by Kate Sloan. Ukulele, lead vocals and backing vocals by Kate Sloan. Drums, guitar and bass by Max Bornstein. Produced by Max Bornstein.




Kate Sloan Toronto

20-something from Toronto. Sex journalist by day, ukulele songstress by night. Writes songs about love, sex, fictional characters, and occasionally jellyfish.

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